• Paul Redfern

    Vice President for University Communications, St. Lawrence University

    I have been a member of CUPRAP for more than ten years. The organization has provided tremendous value to me and my team. The programming at the annual conference and workshops are relevant and timely. The connections that I have made with people are long-term and deep. Due to CUPRAP I have developed a network of close colleagues that I can count on and have helped me to develop as a stronger communications professional. CUPRAP has consistently offered the best value for my professional development dollar without question.

  • Angela Burrows

    AVP for Marketing and Communications, Edinboro University

    “I’ve been involved with CUPRAP for most of my years in higher education.  I continue to appreciate the exposure it provides to a network of professionals who face many of the same challenges and opportunities.   Those of us in this sometimes crazy field of Marketing and Communications face some unique stresses, and experience victories and successes that can only be fully appreciated by those in similar roles.  The mission of higher education is noble and those of us responsible for promoting our institutions and protecting them from reputational damage hold privileged positions.  I enjoy the CUPRAP community and the friends and colleagues I’ve met along the way.”

  • Heather Johns

    Director of Content Strategy, Bucknell University

    CUPRAP is great for connecting with professionals who can offer practical solutions to challenges we all face in higher ed communications.

  • Annmarie Ely

    Media Relations and Publications Coordinator, Delaware Valley University

    “CUPRAP has been a great resource for me as a young professional. The spring conference provides an opportunity to get together with people working in higher education and learn about a variety of topics. I always come away from CUPRAP events with new ideas and solutions that I can take back with me to use in my career. The email list is also a good place to ask questions and get advice from peers at other institutions.”

  • Tory Irwin

    Marketing and Communications Associate , Washington and Jefferson College

    I was first introduced to CUPRAP when I attended the Fall West Workshop in October of 2017. After connecting with colleagues from all over western Pennsylvania, I returned to my office and informed the rest of our staff of the value of the workshop and the knowledge of those in attendance. Not long after, three of us were members of CUPRAP and signed up for the annual conference in March. I’ve found membership in CUPRAP to be a great way to make connections, learn from others in the field, and share valuable skills and insights with my peers.

  • Jennifer P. Stoudt

    Acting Vice President for Communications, Albright College

    Whether you’re new to higher ed communications or a seasoned professional, the opportunities that CUPRAP provides to learn and grow are worth every penny. But, over the course of my 19 years as a CUPRAP member, what I have always been most grateful for are the relationships that I’ve established with colleagues at other colleges and universities. To have access to a community of people who do what you do, who are generous with their professional counsel, who will listen to your ideas and commiserate with you over shared challenges – that is truly priceless.

  • Tom McNamara

    Executive Director of Communications, DeSales University

    I have been a member of CUPRAP for more than 13 years. The networking, camaraderie, and professional knowledge sharing, as well as the all-important validation that you are following our industry’s best practices, are great reasons for joining. Communications and marketing of higher education matters, and CUPRAP is an outstanding resource for newbies and veterans of this important work.

  • Cathy Toner, JD, MJ

    Director of Communication and Marketing, Villanova School of Business

    CUPRAP is an exceptional organization and my involvement has been incredibly rewarding. Attending CUPRAP conferences has connected me with creative, engaged colleagues at other schools and universities and contributed to my own professional development. The Villanova School of Business was honored to host a successful CUPRAP workshop last fall.

  • Joseph Master

    Executive Director, Marketing & Digital Strategy, Drexel University

    “I attended my first CUPRAP spring conference just 10 days after starting my first position in higher education. I hadn’t even left my job in publishing yet, and I received an email from my future boss that said: “You have to go to this.” I haven’t missed one since and I have encouraged all of my staff to attend. The power of this organization isn’t just the programming; it’s the people. It’s the commiseration over shared pain points, the validation that you’re on the right track, and the sometimes enlightening realization of what the right track even looks like. In a field where university communicators are so outnumbered by our faculty colleagues, the CUPPIE awards also serve a noble purpose in recognizing work that sometimes goes unnoticed (or under-appreciated) by those on the other side of the academic isle. I am so grateful that I was forced to go to that first conference. I assure you, the rest have been by choice.”

  • Genna Welsh Kasun

    Director of Social Media and Content Coordination, Juniata College

    CUPRAP is a fantastic professional development organization. In addition to providing a network of approachable, professional colleagues who I’ve come to count on, CUPRAP brings resources and trainings from experts at the same time that said presenters emerge into the national higher education marketing conversation. Because these trainings are so timely and cover so many topics, CUPRAP provides a learning space for designers, writers, social media managers, and other professionals to learn alongside one another. I am so grateful for CUPRAP; it has provided more than I thought a professional organization—a term that has a cold, corporate connotation to me—could.

  • Chuck Marsh

    Director of University Relations and Marketing, Penn State Abington

    Networking with other like-minded professionals in our field has been the biggest benefit of my membership in CUPRAP.  The chance to connect with colleagues in and out of sessions at the annual conference opens up a network of advice and support I use throughout the year.  I’ve found the members to be professional, experienced and always willing to share their expertise.

  • Cathy Skitko

    Director of Communications, The Hill School

    I first became involved with CUPRAP more than 20 years ago when I worked at a small liberal arts college.  When I left that position to become Director of Communications at an independent college preparatory boarding school, I wanted to remain involved with CUPRAP – even though, at that time, other secondary schools were not yet members.   I knew CUPRAP would continue to be an invaluable professional resource.  CUPRAP conferences are best in class in terms of offering relevant information, training, networking, and inspiration.  Furthermore, the culture of CUPRAP is  very collaborative and collegial.

  • Terry Day

    Media & Public Relations Director, Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

    When I started at Mansfield in 1999, one of the first things my then boss Dennis Miller did was have me fill out a CUPRAP membership application. Since joining I have found CUPRAP to be the most generous organization I’ve ever been a part of. The members are willing to share and truly support each other. I have learned so much, made so many friends and having the opportunity give back to this great organization has been the highlight of my professional career.

  • Gale Martin

    Director of Communications and Marketing, Harcum College

    “CUPRAP has been invaluable to me throughout my career. I learn new things at every session and have made invaluable connections with influential reporters and other experts who have greatly helped me and my institution over the years. The time you make to attend and be present at CUPRAP events is a really smart investment in your career and in the success of your organization.”

  • Noel Sarah Dietrich

    Director of Communications, Wilmington Montessori School

    I attended my first CUPRAP conference two months into my first job in educational communications, and almost 10 years later, continue to be grateful to be part of this organization. Through CUPRAP, I’ve stayed up-to-date on the latest practices in our field, found mentors and formed lasting friendships. I look forward to remaining part of this amazing group throughout my career!

  • Rosalee Rush

    Ph.D. Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Bloomsburg University

    Membership in CUPRAP has afforded me the opportunity to learn, lead and demonstrate my professional knowledge and skills. The annual conference is a great way to network and develop professional relationships and friendships. Through my membership I’ve had the chance to serve my profession as a conference presenter and my colleagues as a member of the board of directors.

  • Adam Zewe

    Writer/Editor, University of Maryland School of Dentistry

    I decided to join CUPRAP because I wanted a way to share ideas and interact with my peers at other colleges and universities. What I have found is a true community of people who are not only great communicators, but are also dedicated to the constant improvement of our craft. I have enjoyed the chance to talk shop with communicators of so many different backgrounds, who have so many different approaches to problem solving. Being a member of CUPRAP has enabled me to take on new challenges — from social media to magazine publishing — with a healthy set of fresh ideas.

  • Gina L. French

    Designer, Albright College

    CUPRAP gives me a great perspective on what’s going on locally within our business. It helps me strategize more efficiently and market my college’s message more effectively.